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continuous of ' why him? '

Before the Year Head Talk at the main school hall. We all cohort at the quadriangle for singing national anthem and pledge. Then, the other announcements afterwards. Then, after sports after sports announcements and principals's announcements. There were that guy, his turn to use the mic to say what he wrote and it was D....n L..g lol ahhaha omgg. He was talking softly and then loud ohmygod but we can't judge but just listen completely and be understanding :) .. He was saying to the cohort, " .... that he must focus towards his major exams .. " Then, i forgot. When he was talking softly. I heard one guy from one of the classes sitting down at the quadriangle saying this, " wahlao or omg , this guy talk so soft.. " but he wasn't sound pleasant and not being nice at all lol omg. Okay, goodnight. Now is, 01:16 Am. Goodnight/ morning.

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