Saturday, 24 November 2018.

       Actually, today i should be hanging out with Sabrina to Ikea/Courts Sg. The ikea opens at 10am sharp and we both already plan to meet at Ikea around 9 or 11am+ but i woke up at about 10am+ i guess and i don't have the mood to go as i feel a bit tired 'coz of yesterday's silat class training. Also, before this Ikea/Courts Sg thing started, Sabrina had planned to watch a movie last Thursday(this week) but, my parents got other event at Mosque En-naeem (don't know how to spell but something like that.) So, i decided to go on this week Saturday since i'm free and we were agreeing to go to Ikea/Courts Sg but since my body felt tired, and also because of the timing, i guess it's too late to go and then i feel bad not to go, i pity and i thought she might be busy as well. So, i got an idea to go ahead with Sabrina's plan which to go and watch a movie at WWP movie theatre on Monday , next week. Monday-Friday is S$6.50 so, we go on weekdays before so i planned to go on next week; Monday and make this a promise and a last agreement and i don't want to cancel the outing again, i pity her and i don't know why like it's hard to meet her and plan the outings leh.. So, yeah, i hope next week; Monday will go smoothly and also another reason why i don't feel like going today is because my phone is low batt(low battery) and idk how to update her, scared we lost our way to meet. We before planned to watch the Fantastic Beasts. Bismillah, i hope next week; Monday, will go smoothly amiin. We also have to take several pictures as well :)) .
 Tomorrow on Sunday, 25 November, 2018. My uztazah said to bring any food to class because to celebrate our last day together and have a party as well?? Ohmy.. That's all the end, thank you!

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